Best Cockroach Killers

In this section, you will find our reviews for the best cockroach killers on the market.

Are you sick and tired of seeing roaches?

Roaches are some of the most common pests and are typically one of the most hated disgusting pests on earth! There are more than 3,500 species of roaches worldwide, and there are 55 types of roaches in the United States alone, but most people tend to struggle with the German Cockroach. American Cockroach, or Brown Banded Cockroach.


Keep reading as we breakdown our simple (but effective) approach, and give you all the information you need when searching for products that work.

The scariest thing about roaches is that they prefer to live in the same conditions as us.

They’re one of the most adaptable bugs in the world and can live almost anywhere that has food, water, and shelter. You never really know how many roaches are actually living with you (or near you) for these reasons.


kill roaches

Brace yourself...


Can this really be true?



You’re in a never ending battle andthey’re so hard to kill.

Our Four Pronged Approach To Kill Roaches

The best roach killing strategies are composed of four parts: Traps, Baits, Sprays, and Growth Regulators.

  1. Roach Traps:如果您有蟑螂问题,那么您应该做的第一件事是放下几个陷阱,以使您了解您的问题可能隐藏的位置。
  2. 蟑螂诱饵:放置蟑螂陷阱并等待一点之后,您应该知道蟑螂问题的来源。接下来,您需要在最出没的地区附近放下几个蟑螂诱饵。
  3. Roach Sprays:现在,您知道蟑螂的来源并放置了诱饵,可以开始在房屋的裂缝和缝隙(在冰箱,底板下,门框,窗框等)中施加蟑螂杀伤喷雾剂。Be mindful NOT to apply the spray where you placed your roach baits.The spray will contaminate the bait and repel any roaches that would have otherwise eaten it!
  4. Insect Growth Regulators:The last prong in our "4 Pronged Approach" consists of using a form of roach birth control called "Insect Growth Regulators" or IGRs. Any effective roach killing strategy will require the use IGRs to disrupt the reproduction of roach babies.

If you think you might have a roach infestation, and you want to deploy our 4 pronged approach, check out the products listed below for each category. Also, make sure to clean the infested area EXTREMELY well. In order for any roach treatment plan to be effective, your house needs to be clean and tidy, free from any food that would otherwise distract them from the baits.

What Are Your Cockroach Killing Options?

As mentioned above, best roach killers use either a bait, trap, or spray aerosol. Some kill roaches on contact and will give you fast results for smaller roach problems, whereas others take a little longer, but roach colonies are entirely beatable.

Regardless of what killer you use, preventative measures are always better than trying to find a cure for roaches.

You should make sure that you secure and remove leftover food from tables and counter tops, and that your house is kept clean. If the conditions are unfavorable for roaches, fewer will bother you.

It sounds simple, and it is.

请记住,管理侵扰的最好方法是combination of traps, dust and baits with residual insecticides. Any effective roach killing plan will monitor infestations with the traps, and kill them with IGRs and baits.


当你试图杀死蟑螂的陷阱be one of your best friends.

Ideally, you wouldn't use a cockroach trap to eliminate an entire population, but rather monitor cockroach activity in your home or the surrounding area.

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Cockroach Sprays


You would likely use a roach spray in conjunction with other cockroach killing methods.

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As opposed to traps, cockroach baits are an extremely effective method or roach elimination. Most of the baits have delayed reaction times, which help spread the poisons within each bait throughout the colony.

When traps are used more for monitoring, baits are better for corrective solutions.

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Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)


In order to stop new roach babies from being born, you'll need IGRs, which sometimes are included in other products but not always.

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As opposed to sprays and baits, traps act more like monitoring devices to help find and detect cockroach infestations. Once the traps capture some roaches, the homeowner can then deploy traps in that area to combat the issue. Below are our top roach trap picks.

Blackflag Roach Trap

Why it's the best:Blackflag is suitable for small- to medium- sized roach infestations. We really like the clever mechanism to hide the roaches it catches, which keeps the area around the trap tidy and makes it easier to dispose of dead roaches.


Why it's the best:Catchmaster uses a bait and a strong glue coating on its surface to trap roaches. This is a non-toxic option and doesn’t release any odors. You can expect to catch pretty much anything in this trap, from snakes to roaches, this is a great monitoring device with an irresistible peanut butter scent.

What should you know about cockroach traps?

Traps are good for finding out where roaches are coming from. You can also use traps as a tool to monitor how successful your other products are performing.


roaches on traps


Traps are great for finding out where your roaches来自您的问题真正有多大。如果您发现很多蟑螂被陷入房屋的一部分陷阱,那很好地表明,您的问题必须来自该地区。

Traps work well if you have a small number of roaches inside your house. Any significant infestation might require professional help.Click here for our tool在您所在地区找到一个体面的灭虫。


The biggest disadvantage of traps is that they’re useless against larger infestations. Roaches may overwhelm the trap or escape.

They’re also high maintenance (aka you need to keep replacing them with fresh traps).


Best Cockroach Baits

Baits combine a delayed-action insecticide with an attractant to lure the roaches in. Roaches get poisoned when they touch or eat the insecticide and they take some insecticide back to their colony. Our top picks are listed below.

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait

Why it’s the best:Advion uses a gel with indoxacarb, a long range and delayed-action insecticide. This works well on large infestations. A single roach can poison up to 40 others. Advion works well against some of the more resilient roaches and those that have developed resistance to other roach killers. You can use Advion both indoors and outdoors and it’s one of the best roach killers that use a bait.

Invict Gold  Roach Control Gel Bait

Why it’s the best:Invict是一种使用吡啶芽孢杆菌特异性杀死德国蟑螂的凝胶。您可以使用注射器将凝胶涂在蟑螂可能隐藏的裂缝中。期望在24小时内看到几只死蟑螂。如果您在德国蟑螂中挣扎,并且差异无效,这是一个完美的产品。

Maxforce FC Magnum

Why it's the best:MaxForce是一种浓缩凝胶,其菲普罗尼尔的五倍是其他诱饵的五倍。这可以很好地抵抗大型侵扰和更大的蟑螂。凝胶通过接触或摄入杀死,您可以在室内和室外使用它。

What should you know about cockroach baits?

The poison cockroach bait spreads (and kills) via secretions and feces in the cockroach nest. Eventually, more roaches are poisoned and more die. Baits are one of the best ways to control an infestation.

There are several types of bait that you can buy including bait stations, gels, and granules. You place the stations in strategic places around the house where you think the roaches are coming from. Some stations use a liquid gel attractant. Gels work better on the cracks along the wall and provide both a seal and a poison. Granules are larger and are better to use outdoors.

You can use baits both indoors and outdoors. But, they tend to be better inside where you have more of an idea of where the roaches are coming from.


Baits are consistent and work over a period of time to destroy the nest.

This is the best way to kill most of them and to stop them from reproducing and returning.

They are most effective when used in conjunction with out roach killing methods (i.e., traps and IGRs)


不希望看到即时减少,但你should start to see results in the first few days. Roach baits work like a "domino effect". The more roaches that touch or eat the bait, the more that insecticide spreads in the nest.


Best Cockroach Sprays

Sprays come in two forms. You can buy a residual spray that leaves a film of insecticide or non-residual contact killers. Both types are sprays you'd use around your house to stop the roaches from coming inside or kill roaches on contact. Below are our top roach spray picks!


Why it's the best:恶魔是一种无味的喷雾剂,它使用cypermethrin作为强大的接触杀手。您可以将其用于房屋和较大商业空间的大规模侵扰。这是使用喷雾剂的最好的蟑螂杀手之一。预计在最多三个月后,会立即减少蟑螂和更多的蟑螂减少。

Bengal Chemical Roach II

Why it's the best:Bengal is an odorless and non-staining spray that kills roaches and other pests within a short period of time. Residual spray can impact roaches for up to four months and it’ll work against medium- to large- infestations. Bengal also has a low toxicity and is child and pet-friendly.

Raid Ant & Roach Killer

Why it's the best:RAID因成为高质量的虫子杀手而享有盛誉。RAID是针对蟑螂和其他害虫的无味接触杀手。您可以在任何水平的侵扰中使用这种低维护和易于使用的室内和室外喷雾。

What should you know about roach sprays?

The most effective treatment uses a combination of both residual and non-residual sprays. Use a residual spray to create a layer of insecticide in the room. Spray a contact killer in the places that they’re hiding. The noxious particles make the roaches scatter and flushes them out from hiding and right onto the residual insecticide.

喷雾剂是一个很好的工具来对抗蟑螂,but they also have limited application and when used alone aren’t the best roach killers. This is mainly because they don't spread throughout the colony well, and they do not come with the required chemicals to disrupt reproduction of NEW roaches (use IGRs for that).

Remember that when you use a roach spray to avoid any baits you've put down. Instead, spray the cracks and crevices in your house with residual roach sprays and lay down a couple baits. When the roaches leave their hiding spots, they'll crawl through residual chemicals as well as feast on the poisonous baits.

It’s also worth pointing out that some sprays leave an unpleasant chemical odor and can stain furniture, and aren’t usually pet- or child-friendly.


The best thing about sprays is that they’re fast acting and kill the roaches quickly. Compare this to baits where you have to wait a few days or even weeks before they start to work.


Unfortunately, those folks tend to learn the hard way that sprays alone will not completely eliminate their roach problem.


You’re never going to kill the entire colony by using sprays. It may seem like it’s having a huge impact because you’re killing some roaches outright, but you should remember that roaches have a fast rate of reproduction and they hide themselves well.

Sprays work well as a barrier treatment and in conjunction with other treatment options such as baits and traps.

Best Cockroach Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)

Unlike sprays, baits, and traps, IGRs are great for disrupting the reproductive cycle of your roach population. You can think of a IGR as roach baby birth control interrupting the larvae and egg stages of the roach life cycle. See below for our top IGR picks.


Why it’s the best:Gentrol is one of the top IGR products on the market for roach control. It's low toxic, easy to use, and can be placed vertically or horizontally around your house.

Each product comes with an adhesive backing you can stick almost anyway (out of reach of children). It's a non-spray variation that you just need to press down on the product to activate.

Vendetta Plus

Why it’s the best:Vendetta Plus is one of our favorite roach control products mainly because it combines a bait with an IGR.

It works similar to Advion as a gel, but for roaches that do not die from the initial does of bait are unable to reproduce providing an additional layer of elimination for stubborn infestations.


As we mentioned, IGRs are what you turn to stop roaches from making babies and continuing to populate your house.

It's important to use IGRs in conjunction with sprays, traps, and baits for total control of your roach population. They're


IGR's main purpose is to eliminate the reproductions of roaches, not to kill already adult roaches. That being said, IGRs are not good as the sole roach control product in your arsenal.